Eat Grass

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Cows on a hill by the beach.

In April, Claire and I went to Skye with our friends Liam and Laura.

A white calf grazing on a ridge near the ocean

We camped on a ridge overlooking a white-sand beach. Between the ridge and the beach was a pasture.

A white calf looking around a ridge near the ocean

In the evening, cows came out to graze. I took these photos at magic hour.

A herd of cows grazing along a steep hill over a white-sand beach

I love how the photos came out. They feel slightly psychellic, like nature photos from a 1970s textbook. It feels true to the moment: beautiful and surreal.

A cow striding through a pasture, looking straight at the camera

I took this photo and then my battery died. I climbed back up the ridge to our campsite and we watched the sun set.

We had a small fire, which we used to make a hearty stew and hot chocolate with whisky.

The sunset took forever, and the afterglow lasted until late in the night. When it was finally gone, the sky filled edge to edge with stars. Claire and I laid out for a while, staring up.

Sometimes I get vertigo when I stand close to an edge. Laying on the ground, staring at the celestial fresco on the infinite vaulted sky above, I felt the same feeling — that I might slip off the ground and fall into space.

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