See the Stags of Glen Etive

# photography

A stag standing in a glen.

Kate and Clare from Scottish Sisters Photography say that Glen Etive is a prime spot for wildlife photography. At a talk at the Queens Park Camera Club on Thursday, they told a great story about stubmling across a stag in the glen.

So, I was keen to drive the glen yesterday on a highland roadtrip with my brothers Allister and Jesse and my wife Claire. The glen was more beautiful than I was expecting. As we entered, I said, “Keep your eyes out for deer,” not really expecting to see any.

A road running through a Scottish glen

Halfway down the glen, Allister shouted, “Doe! Doe!”

“Where!?” I asked, stepping on the brake.

As the car came to a stop, we rolled up alongside a stag who calmly watched us all gasp in amazement. The rest of his family — the doe and two fawns — were about ten meters away in a field. All of us grabbed our cameras, and I got this shot. Allister and Jesse both got videos of the stag making a loud groan.

After a while, the whole family wandered away together across the field.

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