Paris Wakes Up

# photography

Last week I went out for two beautiful, cold morning strolls in Paris. They were my first proper excursions with my new camera. On the first day, I left my hotel before sunrise and walked down to the Seine. The city was still quiet, as Parisians start the day late.

A couple walking across an intersection

This camera has a wider lens and a different focusing mechanism. The wider lens creates a challenge with composition. It captures a bigger frame, which means that details are smaller and there are more of them. Instead of photographing a subject, the camera captures a whole scene.

A woman crosses the street at Hôpital Saint-Louis
A woman crosses the street at Hôpital Saint-Louis.

A man unloads flour from a delivery truck
A man unloads flour from a delivery truck.

Firefighters on a morning run
The Paris pompiers (firefighters) take their morning run.

A cyclist rides down the quay of the Seine
A cyclist rides along the Seine.

An old man crossing a bridge in front of Notre Dame
An man crosses the Seine at Pont Marie.

A woman standing in an intersection.
A woman pauses to decide which direction to go.

A couple sitting on a bench
A young couple takes an early smoke break on the canal.

A man standing on a bridge over the canal
A man stops while crossing a footbridge over the canal.

By ten o’clock, the city is alive as everyone has finally left for work — including me. I put my camera away and make my way to the office.

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