Glasgow Frost

# photography

On Monday last week, a thick fog bank rolled in off the ocean just as the temperature snapped below zero. Ice immediately covered the streets, and frost clung to everything else.

The following morning I went out for a magic walk through a winter wonderland.

A woman standing in a frost-covered park

No snow had fallen, but a dusty white frost covered everything. The fog lingered for a couple of days, creating an ethereal mist.

Claire and I had gone to see The Snow Queen at the Royal Theatre Glasgow the Saturday prior, and that’s exactly how Glasgow felt — like an enchanted ice palace.

Bushes in the park covered in frost

A leafy plant coated in ice crystals

Everywhere, invisible cobwebs picked up frost crystals, turning into heavy strands of icy yarn.

A plant covered in frozen spiderwebs

A signpost covered in frozen spiderwebs

A fence covered in frozen spiderwebs

Queens Park is so-named because it is the battlefield where Mary, Queen of Scotland and pretender to the throne of England, fought her final battle against the soldiers of Elizabeth I. She was captured and spent the rest of her life in English prisons.

A sign on a fence, which reads 'The Battle of Langside was fought on this ground on 13th May 1568 between the forces of Mary Queen of Scots and the Regent Moray and marked the queen's final defeat in Scotland.'

I had never stopped to read this plaque before, but I really loved the look of it all decorated with frosty spiderwebs.

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